Quito Ecuador is Full of Amazing Tourist Locations

If you are visiting Quito, you should not miss the famous la capilla del hombre. It is also known as The Chapel of Man. It occupies a place in Bellavista that overlooks Quito in Ecuador. It is an art museum that is dedicated to the nations of Latin America. Its construction started in 1995. It is an exhibition of Guayasamin’s work which shows the history of human suffering as well as violence occurred in Latin America and around the world. The museum contains sculptures as well as murals.

It is a tribute to the Artist Oswaldo Guayasamin

So, it can be said that the museum is a tribute to an important Ecuadorian visual artist of all times, named as Oswaldo Guayasamin. The art museum is of much importance. In fact it is considered as the most important gallery in Quito, Ecuador.

What do you find there?

You may find  archaeological objects of pre-Columbian era, the artifacts of the colonial times and objects used by Guayasamin. Moreover the entire works and collection of this artist is there. You can find La lucha del indio ( The Indian Struggle), La Edad del Llanto ( The Age of Tears), La Edad de la ira ( The Age of Wrath), La Edad de la Ternura ( The Age of Tenderness)  there. On the ground floor you will find the Eternal Flame that is a fire located in the middle of a large metal plate. It symbolizes the eternal prayer for peace as well as human rights.

What else is there on the site?

Well, it is not just the museum that is attractive but other sites as well. You can see the eternal flame there and the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is found in the courtyard of Casa Taller. The Tree of Life is in fact the resting place of Guayasamin. His remains rest there under the tree’s shade. He had planted that tree himself long ago.

How Did He build the La Capilla del Hombre?

He conceived the idea in 1985. After a passage of three years he got the financial aid from UNESCO. The organization described the project as the largest cultural significance project in that region. Hence it was declared a priority project for the sake of culture. It is exactly located in the hill Guangulitagua that borders the Metropolitan Park . The address is Lorenzo Chavez EA18-143 and Mariano Calvache.

What do you get from Bucket Pass?

You can have access to Guayasamin’s home. It is the place where he lived as well as worked during his later life. You can take a tour around his dormitory, his closet and studio as well. There are free tour guides who can speak English, French and Spanish. So, problem of language barrier will be easily resolved. They will explain each and every attraction to you. You can sit down , relax and enjoy the incredible view of Quito, Ecuador from the site.

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