How to Correctly Pack Your Suitcase

You are going on a trip, that is great news! You have to pack for five or more days, good luck with that. Packing your suitcase is not always an easy task even though it seems like it would be insignificant. Problem is, if you pack your suitcase the wrong way, then you are going to wind up with a lot of wrinkled clothes. According to an article, if you want to pack your suitcase the right way, there are a few tips that you need to follow. Some of these packing tips include: trying to limit yourself to no more than five sets of clothes (if you need more, find a laundromat), bringing a smaller suitcase so you don’t take too much, laying out what you would like to take and then start eliminating the piles, keeping any liquids within easy reach especially when traveling by air, having a toiletry pack in your suitcase at all times, and thinking of packing your suitcase like playing the Tetris game(packing and trying to fit things within other to maximize your space). In another article, it gave a few more tips that you could follow in order to be sure that you pack your suitcase to the best of your ability. Some of the suggestions include: pack light colored clothes inside out so they don’t stain, put your clothes in a vacuum compression bag, arrange your clothes in a cube pattern, fill up all the dead spaces in your suitcase to maximize room, put dryer sheets in your bag so that your clothes also smell fresh.

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