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#24: They smell like death, too

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During a traffic investigation by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies involving a vehicle and livestock, a Ford Crown Victoria with activated red and white emergency lights pulled up to the scene. A man who was later identified as Hook got out of the car and offered to help the deputies. They declined the offer and the man got back to his car and drove off with the lights still on. Soon, Highland’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled up to the scene and said that Hook was a fake cop and they were looking for him. A little later, Hook returned to the scene and produced a wallet that had a “Private Investigator Badge” and he identified himself as “Fugitive Recovery Agent.” He was arrested, and later charged for illegal use of police badge and impersonating law enforcement officer.

Have you ever seen a tow truck towing a lawn mower? The other day, there was a tow truck that was towing a riding lawnmower, going right down the middle of main street. As a visitor to the town, I could only chuckle to myself and think that this was probably something that I would only see in the south. In fact, the locals there didn’t seem to pay any attention to it at all, so it must be something that happens on a fairly regular basis.

During world war two, soldiers were sent to fight in Austria on D-Day. Each soldier was responsible for digging the foxholes. One soldier dug his. Shorty after he finished digging, they came to conclusion it's time for tour booties. Before the soldier got into the hole, someone else jumped into it, stole it from him and forced him to hide behind some other form of cover. He then turned out to be a mortar lands directly in his foxhole, killing the soldier that stole it from him.

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Published May 19, 2009

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